The five best marketing strategies made by any company.


We have already seen in previous posts some marketing strategies that left much to be desired because most of the participants in them did not adequately plan what the consequences would be for their target audience. However, this does not mean that all marketing campaigns have gone wrong in some way. Therefore, in this article, we will show you the best marketing strategies that have ever been carried out. In it, you will find a great variety of fresh ideas, but besides this, we will point out which were the keys to the success of those campaigns. Once this is said, we can start.

Number 5

Burger King Net Neutrality Ad: “Whopper Neutrality”.

One of the topics that were talked about a lot in the last few years was related to the neutrality of the internet. This was a bill in the United States which was passed in 2017, on December 14. This bill gave internet service providers the right to give their different users a quality of service depending on how much money they would be willing to pay for using those services, this obviously did not please anyone, which started a series of protests and petitions to avoid the approval of this law.

This was the start of the video. You can click the image to see the whole ad.

Therefore, Burger King decided to launch an explanatory commercial in which it showed in great detail how this bill worked: It showed how people ordered whopper, but in order to receive their product they had to pay an extra $26 to receive the product immediately, otherwise they had to wait 10 minutes. This obviously caused uneasiness in the customers who felt discriminated against. The commercial was basically a protest against this practice. The educational piece generated 1.5 million views on Twitter, 4.6 million on YouTube and 15 million on Facebook.

What they did well: First of all Burger King managed to approach the subject in a respectful way, seeing the problem with a metaphor using the most famous of their product. The implicit social protest that was in the video made people feel that Burger King was on the side of the people and was going to fight with them. Also, using the most famous product of burger king make the commercial easy to understand, because almost everybody knows what a whopper is. Besides this, it was something interactive because unlike other commercials it was not about actors, but real people.

Number 4

Redbull Stratos.

Redbull Stratos was a space mission sponsored by Redbull, this mission was to perform the highest freefall jump in the world. It was performed at an altitude of over 38,000 meters in the Roswell, New Mexico area in collaboration with energy drink brand Redbull. According to ABC News, Baumgartner’s jump was broadcast on at least 40 television stations and 130 digital media outlets and was also covered by the news, newspaper, and digital media outlets globally. During the jump, a large number of Guinness records were broken (3 sports records and at least 2 audience records).

The red bull Stratos was a massive broadcast seen by more than 40 million people just in Spain.

Although Red Bull’s investment to organize Baumgartner’s jump was around 50 million euros (which may sound like too high an initial investment) once visibility data and interactions with the brand were analyzed, before, during and after the event are stratospheric. It should be remembered that the mission was named Red Bull Stratos and the Red Bull logo is always present on the spacesuit and capsule used. The jump was broadcast live by 150 television stations around the world. YouTube got its biggest audience for a live broadcast, with peaks of almost 8 million people. In addition, the various video summaries of the expedition to the stratosphere were viewed tens of millions of times in the days following the big jump.

What they did well: It is unlikely that at this time you have the capital to sponsor a mission of this caliber with your company. However, the main thing Red Bull did with Stratos was to put its name all over the place and be seen by a lot of people around the world and live. What you can do by applying the same strategy is to sponsor YouTubers and internet streamers, making them put your logo in a very visible way so that people know your brand.

Number 3


You may be familiar with the IHOP (International House Of Pancake) food chain which is world-famous for its pancake and waffle dishes. For some time in 2018 the company had announced that they were going to change their name completely from IHOP to IHOB because they would now be selling hamburgers). This immediately caused the social networks to go up in flames, asking left and right if the change was going to be permanent.

IHOP makes one of the most incredible marketing campaigns of the year 2018.

The strategy went so far that even its Canadian and Mexican branches had made the relevant name change to fit the new spirit of the company and as if that were not enough, the face of several branches of the restaurant had changed, inverting the characteristic P of the logo for a b.
After two long weeks, Ihop changed the logo again for its original logo, also launching a press release in which they mentioned that the reason they had made this advertising move was to publicize their new hamburger menu and let people know that “they take seriously everything they do, even if it means changing their name so that people can enjoy the best burgers.

The advertising strategy made the brand get more conversations than McDonald’s, Burger King and even the kings of social media, Wendy’s, with a simple trick that captured the world’s attention. And on top of that, they managed to quadruple their sales with this advertising strategy.

What they did well: The brand made an advertising strategy that was light and joking. It’s something bizarre that absolutely nobody would have thought of. It’s just that surprise factor and the goodwill on the part of the brand that made the strategy work so well. One way to do something similar is to make jokes in social networks with things characteristic of your brand. Names, logos and that kind of stuff are the perfect victim for this kind of marketing campaign that will make people come closer to your brand (even if it’s just out of curiosity).

Number 2

The mini-series of short films and commercials “The Hire” made by BMW.

BMW recruited the Directors, Ang Lee, Wong Kar-wai, Guy Ritchie, Alejandro González Iñárritu, John Woo, Joe Carnahan, Tony Scott and John Frankenheimer, each of them being responsible for directing one of the 8 short films that completed the advertising campaign.

The series was starred by a great cast of actors like Clive Owen who participated in the 8 short films and among whom we can highlight Mickey Roucke, Gary Oldman, Madonna or Adriana Lima among many others.

The Hire was successful because it gave their watchers what they wanted: A film inspired by the Fast and Furious Movies.

The initial reaction to this extraordinary campaign was impressive. In only 4 months 11 million views were reached, a record for its time. The investment made by BMW obtained a great return with a 12% increase in sales compared to the previous year. The Hire series was so popular that BMW began giving away a DVD of the films to potential customers visiting BMW dealerships

What they did well: The use of an unusual resource at that time (we are talking about the year 2002 when the Fast and Furious saga was just starting) as it was to make a TV series to promote a product. Besides making it in a way that was attractive to consumers and with high quality, it was the key to the success of this marketing campaign. Similar products have come out over the years, but the key is always to do it in such a way that the quality of the product speaks for itself.

Number 1

Coca-Cola chooses BTS as the new influencers during the 2018 FIFA World Cup

The Coke people are smart. They understand what it really takes to go viral. They know how to get attention during big events and which influential people can open more markets for them. Throughout history they have made publicity deals with a lot of artists and influencers of all sizes. From actors to artists a lot of well-known people have been related to the brand, even the Mickey Mouse has been related to the carbonated drinks brand.

These cans were one of the biggest sale point in 2018

Last summer they took advantage of the biggest sporting event of the year, the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, to announce their partnership with Korean music style legend (K-pop), BTS. The announcement generated more than a million conversations.
In addition, sales have increased by 15% since the announcement of the partnership (because these included commemorative cans with the singers’ faces), making it one of the most successful brand partnerships in existence today.

What they did well: The brand was able to partner with artists that are relevant to the medium today. Besides that, they made a pretty good approach to them, they didn’t try to force an image to suit them, nor vice versa. They implemented each other organically by supporting each other’s image.


As you can see, the most popular marketing campaigns in what was the previous year have some points in common and the main ones are:

  •  Understanding your audience.
  • Approach them in an appropriate and respectful way.
  • Do not force a campaign in a strange way.

These three points in common are something that without a doubt you should take into account when carrying out a marketing campaign. While it is unlikely that you have the amount of money that companies like Coca-Cola or Burger King have to contact superstars to support your marketing campaigns, you can make marketing campaigns that connect with your audience and draw attention to them on appropriate ways. See you in the next one.

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