Avengers Endgame, leverage marketing and how to take advantage of it.


Avengers Endgame is the latest film in the Avengers saga started in 2008 with Iron Man. Since its inception many companies have used the launch of each new Marvel film as a lever to promote their products and services. By studying these case studies you will also know how to apply these tricks without the need for third party licenses.

One thing we can all agree on is that Avengers Endgame was a worldwide blockbuster. It numbers will hardly be surpassed by any film in a long, long time. The main reason is that apart from being a movie like any other, it was an experience announced as “The greatest event of a generation” but today we will not talk about the marketing strategies used by Disney to make this movie a colossus at the box office, but rather about how many companies took advantage of its launch to increase their sales.

Coca Cola, Cans and Marketing.

Coca Cola has been the leader for many years when it comes to viral marketing, since the promotion “Share a Coca Cola with…” which lasted 7 years and the different mini marketing campaigns that year after year at Christmas time Coca Cola has earned a reputation. Reputation that once again gave us something to talk about with the release of the movie Avengers: Endgame.

The campaign actually began with the release of the film Captain Marvel, Coca-cola let you glimpse among their plans that they wanted to do something related to the new Marvel Studios film, and there you see the first part of a marketing strategy: Planning. It wasn’t something they took lightly, it was something they started working on months before the launch of the campaign. The second step that coca-cola did was to start the distribution of the campaign which was divided into two phases: The first was to produce commemorative cans and bottles with the characters of the film, the second was to distribute pamphlets, stamps, blankets and even video trailers everywhere to promote the campaign.

Pamphlets of this style were seen everywhere, they were made as a form to let you know that this cans were a special product that probably would never be sold again.

This part talks about two things, The Process and Collaboration. The process was all the work of product positioning, advertising and in general all the course between the beginning of the planning and the beginning of the sale. The collaboration was all the work of sales and acquisition of deals to achieve sales exclusivity in some cinemas in certain regions. To this day (more than two months after the release of the film) the marketing campaign still stands giving the clear message that the campaign was a success. According to the comparison of the results of the first quarter of 2018 with those of the first quarter of 2019, it is possible to appreciate a growth of 2% in the first quarter of 2019 just with the launch of the campaign. (The coca-cola company official data)

Fortnite x Avengers Endgame: Viral marketing led to memes.

Fortnite is a very popular video game which was launched in 2017, from its launch became a viral Internet phenomenon, experienced one of the largest growth rates that has existed in any game reaching 250 million players in a short time and a large part of that growth was thanks to a viral marketing campaign that began with the launch of Avengers: Infinity War (The movie prior to Avengers: Endgame.)

When Infinity War was released in 2018 to commemorate that release the main antagonist of the movie Thanos was added to the video game within its main game mode. The news was a boom in social networks like Youtube and Twitch (social networks focused on the production of audiovisual content) an pretty famous users inside the platform gave coverage of the news, which made the number of users of the videogame increase exponentially. The use of influencers to attract a younger audience was a success.

So it was no surprise to anyone that this year’s with the release of Avengers: Endgame the strategy was repeated. This time they not only included Thanos but also the rest of the film’s superhero cast which again ended in an increase in the number of players in the game completing another viral marketing campaign.


So, how do I apply these to my brand/company?

You may not have the income as much as Epic Games or Coca-Cola to buy the rights of Avengers characters to use them. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use movies or events as important as Avengers Endgame as a leverage for your business. From simple things like making contests related to the movie with prizes like tickets to see it in cinemas to more complicated things like producing viral advertising inspired by the movie (either through video edition, memes or post on social networks taking advantage of Hashtags in trend) you can use any event of this magnitude as a leverage to make your entrepreneurship grow.

To conclude and using cases I know: Many entrepreneurs used the release of Avengers: Endgame for raffles, in which one of the requirements to win was to follow the social network account (either Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) of the brand or entrepreneurship and leave a like in the post or a comment. That couple of seemingly simple steps made the statistics on the scope of that post increase, causing people who didn’t know about the brand before to do it now. That is why it is also very necessary to have a business account in social networks.

In conclusion, even though it doesn’t seem possible, you can always make profits and use as a marketing strategy the hype made by entertainment products as big as Disney movies. In our present time and with tools such as social networks is just a matter of ingenuity to get to raise our enterprise.

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