10 Most Common Mistakes People Do When They Create Their Personal Brand


I’m sure you’re wrong, too. Or maybe not. But there are a lot of people who are. And that it’s not clear.

Maybe they’ve read something somewhere that wasn’t totally reliable. Or they just haven’t wanted to or haven’t been able to find out. Although it’s becoming more and more widespread, there’s still a lot of confusion about what it’s like to develop your personal brand. Some people think it’s just some kind of marketing, others think it’s some kind of way to sell yourself and your services and there are even more people who just think it’s a scam that someone did to make quick and easy money.

However, the personal brand is one of the most important things you can do and probably if you do not inform yourself properly you may end up doing something that is not so beneficial. That’s why we list the 10 most common mistakes we all make when creating a personal brand for the first time.

Surely all the people who have jumped in the car because that of the “personal brand” is cool, has contributed to the existence of this confusion. An example is the “10 things you have to do to build your personal brand” lists or the “Build your personal brand in just 10 steps” infographics.
Many may be fine and sure to help as initial contact with a topic or specialty, but others encourage you to achieve your goals as quickly and effortlessly as possible. You should be wary of the latter.

1. Believing in infographics.

In spite of everything that infographics made by “professionals” can tell you, developing your personal brand is NOT something that you can achieve in just ten steps, nor in ten days or ten months. It’s a little more difficult. And you do it all your life.

2. Believing is just social networking.

It is NOT to have a profile on social networks and ready. The social networks are a tool that serves you to have greater visibility, contact with more people. But there is a world out there and this is much more “real” than the network.

3. Believing is just sell yourself.

It is NOT selling you by applying the most advanced marketing techniques. You sell your work, what you know how to do and what they are willing to pay you for. You have to be able to solve problems. You also sell your time and experience. You as an individual is not the product, you as a whole is the product.

4. Believing is just to tell everybody how good you are at something.

It’s NOT about telling the world how good you are. First, you have to be good at something. And you have to find out what (if you already know, better than better) and you have to be the very best like no one ever was, to find in what is your test and perfect it is your cause.

10 common mistakes, however this doesn’t mean you can’t fix it. Just be aware of what you may be doing wrong and fix it.

5. Believing that is creating a brand.

You are NOT creating your brand, because your brand already exists (it’s you). What you are doing now is that you have the ability to manage and develop it to play in your favor.

6. Believing is  just a trend

It’s NOT a temporary trend. It is what we must follow if we want to have a personal and professional future similar to what we want in our future life.

7. Believing in magic gurus.

It is NOT something that is summarized in a magic formula, nor is it something that you can get through a Youtube tutorial, those people who try to sell it to you like something extremely simple are nothing more than simple scammers. Well if there is a magic formula that can be approached… work hard, work daily and work well.

8. Believing that is just Marketing.

It’s NOT just marketing, or coaching, or project management. It’s a mix of many disciplines (that’s why it can’t be summed up in ten steps). So you will have to become an expert in a lot of things, from knowing how to manage a project to how to relate with other people.

9. It’s not about acting like someone you are not.

It’s NOT about pretending to be what you’re not. It’s about being authentic and consistent with everything you do in your business and related decisions. It may sometimes seem difficult or you want to follow in someone else’s footsteps, however, do not forget that the most important thing at all times is originality and also know how to identify your strengths and weaknesses within your way of acting.

10. The most important part.

Finally, the most important thing is the following. You should engrave it on your head. The most important part of the personal mark is the person, NOT the mark. Don’t try to give more importance to the product and the service, but to the person who sells/makes it. You have to promote yourself, not your surroundings.

With this small list you will be able to identify what you are failing at the moment of creating your personal brand but at the same time you will know how solvent

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