The nine keys to social network marketing.


Given that the industry has evolved over time, many brands saw social networking as a testing ground for interns or even worse as a mere site where they could say whatever they wanted without consequences. Nowadays, social networks have an important impact on the way brands are perceived, so they can be of fundamental importance for the brand image and must be taken into account within the company’s strategies.

So if what you want is that your campaigns within social networks achieve all the growth objectives you can have with respect to your brand, the best thing you can do is to read these 9 strategic keys to marketing in social networks, so everything you can propose with respect to your growth as a brand can become a reality.

1. Take advantage of the lives.

Video marketing has become very important when planning a digital strategy.  So it’s not a surprise to anyone that 78% of the content consumed by Internet users is audiovisual. With the recent launch of  live videos both in Facebook and Instagram opens up a new range of possibilities. Using this feature you can invite users to ask questions to you about your brands or products (This is called AMA lives) so you can know the concerns that people have about your products and get to know better your market niche.

2. Create profiles on the right Networks.

Although we have already said that social networks were a tool that can be indispensable in any business is likely to have to define which social networks you want to cover, do not try to cover them all at once because you could end up driving away your customers because you do not have an identity of your own.

That doesn’t mean that you don’t have to open profiles in social networks, but that you have to think well about which social networks to open them. For example: If your brand is sportswear, I don’t think you need a linkedin profile, just as I don’t think you need to create a youtube channel if your company is a slaughterhouse.

Different social networks require different ways of interacting with people, you must learn to be multifaceted.

3. Use the people who love your brand.

While it’s always good to get new customers, you can profit from those who already have a certain loyalty to it. You can make special promotions to those people who share photos with your products or similar promotional strategies.

4. In each profile it is different

In social networks there are more and more competitions, so you must put all your effort into being the account that most catches the attention of potential consumers, this can be achieved by differentiating yourself from your competitors acting in different ways in different social networks, giving for example a more serious image in your Linkedin profile while in your Instagram profile you give a more vintage or casual images, so the recommendation will be to use different types of formats: videos, infographics or original photographs. Users respond well to interesting lives, funny videos and good images that call their atention.

5. Create a community

Your audience needs to know you are not a robot created by a corporate without feelings, so a good practice is to interact with emotions and humor in your publications so that the audience relates to the brand. Social networks, as their name implies, “are social,” and if your audience sees similar publications at all times, they may lose interest in your content.

6. Include social networks in your budget.

Social media platforms are one of the most important forms of marketing today. So including them in the budget for activities is crucial to the success of a campaign. Companies should focus on being more selective at the time they publish and make their advertising investments, choosing only those social ads that interest them and taking into consideration relationships with influencers and brand advocates.

7.Create a marketing strategy that is efficient

Don’t try to copy or imitate the strategies of your competitors. Quality is vital and in marketing is not an exception. Marketing has long been a way of bringing you closer to the public and in some cases, many brands are not linking quality content with a correct publication schedule and a publication frequency thought for their buyers or audience. High-quality marketing coupled with the right publishing tool will help convert the right customers on time.

You have to have a clear action plan, do not be intimidated by the unexpected, plan your movements in advance.

8. Use chatbots.

Chatbots are integrated with platforms commonly used by users, such as social networks or websites. They are digital tools that communicate and solve customer problems without requiring human intervention. Platforms such as Chattypeople help create chatbots that do not require coding skills, can answer customer questions, can integrate with all payment methods and can receive orders directly from Facebook Messenger comments, allowing you to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into your social strategy.

9. Offer a Personalized Experience.

Chatbots are not just tools that can save you time when performing actions within your page. On the contrary, if implemented properly, they will allow you to create personalized experiences for your clients. Chatbots are not just tools that can save you time when performing actions within your page. On the contrary, if implemented properly, they will allow you to create personalized experiences for your clients. Instead of linking your ads to a page or a generic section of your website, redirect it to a conversation with a chatbot and thus create a closer / personal experience to your customer, you can increase your sales, create a database of loyal customers, among others.

With these nine strategies you are more than ready to face any challenge in the world of marketing.

Every day companies are taking more seriously the reality that they can attract customers through the use of social networks. The final recommendation here is to have a prior strategy before leaving.

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