4 steps to make your social media marketing strategy work.


Having a strategy when it comes to managing social networks for your brand is essential because otherwise, we would not be talking about Marketing but a simple hobby. That’s why the best thing you can do is develop a social media marketing strategy. Many courses promise to show you a lot of different strategies to optimize your presence within internet networks. However, most of the time only remain mere banal promises and you are left without the money you invested, having wasted it. In this article, we are going to enumerate the components that are especially necessary at the time of realizing this strategy and that will make it a success from the first day that you have it in March.

Identify your Objectives

Every Social media marketing Strategy needs to have clear objectives. Without clear objectives, it is simply not possible to move forward. You have to look carefully at the needs of your brand or business and decide how social networks are going to help satisfy those needs to work around that. There are different types of objectives that you can have for example: Make the brand known, retain customers, act as a customer service channel, get visits to your website or get new customers.

Our recommendation would be to start with one or two primary objectives and list the secondary ones. Once we know how to get the first ones, we will advance in the others.

Setting goals is a fundamental part of any social media marketing strategy.

Identify your Potential Clients

For example, you may have seen accounts that have followers but don’t get a good interaction with them. This usually happens because they are not connected to the content of the brand or business.

You have to try to get potential customers and make the effort to connect with an audience that is interested in your brand. You should first identify what your target market is. Who are the people who can complete your goal? Are they Men? Women? young, not so young? Married? Single? What country or region are you in? What do they like? What habits do they have? What kind of income do they have? Do you work? Do they have problems? Once we all have our potential audience identified we will try to create a specific strategy for this audience that will follow us and accompany us in the networks.

This is a very important point that you can’t imagine how many people fail in their Social Media Marketing Strategy because they already start defining their target audience incorrectly.

Now that we have this determined it is necessary to know that if we do not give them what they are expecting from us we will have this problem of lack of interaction. Satisfying this public and achieving our goals here is easier than we think. This is like love if you go looking for anyone to get married you will probably never get it and remain single forever. You can not force someone to endure all sorts of things that do not interest them and tastes that irritate them, you have to look for the best niche market and can not make rare mixtures.

Study your Competition

Keeping track of your competition not only keeps you up to date with what they’re doing but also gives you an idea of what works for them and can help you apply it to your own strategy.

Make a shortlist of who your competition is, you don’t want to study everyone, start small and incorporate things little by little. Look at what social networks they are using and study their content strategy. See how many fans and followers they have and how they publish. See what kind of publications they also have and how their fans interact.

Our Recommendation: Pay a lot of attention to the interaction that your competition has because here you’ll see what works for them and also detect those that don’t work for them. By discovering the mistakes you can avoid them from the beginning.

Study which Social Networks are for You

Many companies or brands simply create and use all social networks without making a prior study of which would be the best and most appropriate for your business. This is a big waste of time because, unless you have a big budget to hire different community managers regardless of the losses, you would be wasting time in the wrong places. Not all social networks are the same and your target market does not act and is not found in all of them equally. You must determine which social network is best for your business and your goals.

Social Media marketing-Soltivo-Blog
Not every social network is for you.

For example, if you already know that your customers spend most of their time on Facebook and much less on twitter, you should consider Facebook as the primary network for your strategies. It will depend on that target market to know where you will move and study where they are so it is necessary not to skip the steps of the strategy.

Create a Content Strategy within your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Content and social networks are closely related. From our social network accounts, we must share interesting content for our target audience. We can’t share anything like we said before. We should not sin from inexperienced and simply tune our social network channels and start publishing right and left. Not all content is valid, not all forms of publishing work and publishing at any time will not work either.

Within a marketing strategy in Social Networks should make a specific content strategy, choose which is the best content for the target audience, see what they would like to see more to them? Make a weekly calendar and plan to share if articles, our own blog, images, videos, how many will be the publications intended for advertising we go endless possibilities. All of this must be well organized and planned. Also, we must think about which schedule we should publish at all hours? morning? afternoon? working hours? at dawn? thinking about people’s behavior will lead us to have successful strategies.

I hope that these 4 points have made it clear to you the importance of a marketing strategy in Social Networks.

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