Some Viral Marketing Campaigns that has been successful.


Word mouth strategies are a very important kind of strategy, it is a fundamental part of the process of every company. When is applied in the correct way it can give the company a great profit. Some company has come from bankruptcy to being very profitable just using these kinds of campaigns. So to help you achieve all the goals you have for your viral marketing campaign we are going to show you some examples of these kinds of strategies that have become an inspiration not only in the business world but also become part of popular culture. Some of these are from a very small niche, others are pretty well known, anyways here are some of the most successful campaigns.

Any advertising strategy conceived and designed with the objective of the users themselves spreading the messages both on the Internet and by other means: word of mouth, other means of communication such as radio or television, etc. This is what we can consider Viral Marketing. The concept was minted in 1997 by Steve Jurvetson. It involves the application of a set of techniques from Internet channels, especially social networks, intending to increase sales of products and services of brands, as well as improving their positioning in the online environment. To do this, businesses aim to spread their messages exponentially among stakeholders.

Viral advertisements often take the form of funny video clips or interactive games. But any format we can think of can be valid. From written news, computer software, a letter post. The important thing is to be very clear that viral marketing is not an objective in itself. It is part of an integrated strategy to encourage people to pass from one to another the message we are interested in.

This kind of marketing strategy has his perfect ally on social networks. These are tools that bring together those who are interested in a product, service or brand, adding valuable content for them and interacting to generate a sense of belonging.

Viral marketing campaigns have been a complete success.

Once we have placed ourselves in the environment of the viral, it is time to see some examples. Many of them you will know or have heard. Keep in mind that in this case, we are only talking about marketing campaigns, not about other virals already mentioned such as challenges or home videos, among others, although these, in turn, can be used in marketing.

1. Coffee for two by Nescafe.

Nescafé’s invention with this campaign was totally ingenious, bringing strangers together and seeking to give their products that emotional touch that never fails. How did you get it? Installing coffee machines in street two by two, so that, to have a cup of coffee, two people would have to press the buttons of both machines simultaneously.

The results of the campaign were evident in terms of the visualizations, which is what these brands are looking for after all. That’s where you start before you reach the long-awaited conversions. It is not the only viral campaign they have done since Nescafé, so you must take them into account as an example.

2. Oscar Viral Marketing campaign.

Bradley Cooper, Meryl Streep, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lawrence, Ellen DeGeneres, Angelina Jolie, Lupita Nyong’o, Jared Leto and Kevin Spacey made history by being part of the most revered selfie so far, which was taken in the last Oscar 2014. Although ellen has explained on several occasions that the photo was completely spontaneous, being the most retweeted photo in history was a perfect marketing campaign to increase the ratings of the following year’s gala.

This photo circled the world in a matter of seconds, giving the academy a great opportunity to viralize itself.

3. The Coca-Cola share a coke with initiative.

If there is one company that has been characterized by creating viral marketing campaigns it is Coca-Cola. Before the expansion of the Internet and, of course, social networks, his television ad with the slogan “for all” became viral.

But an even more well-known and more recent campaign is the “share a coca-cola with.” campaign. This campaign in which the names of many people were on the labels of coca-cola products. this campaign was very successful as everyone just wanted to get a bottle of coca-cola with their names on it.

Gifts from Santa Claus and the airlines

The airlines are also true specialists in this viral marketing, an example of this was the WestJet campaign with its Christmas campaign. If we usually have easy emotions, at this time of the year we have them out in the open; how did WestJet take advantage of this? Choosing a flight and setting up a screen for your customers to ask Santa for gifts at the airport of origin.

That’s it? No. Not content with this, they managed to get all the clients of the flight to the destination airport and get the gifts they had previously asked for without them waiting for it. Obviously, the video was seen by millions of people who undoubtedly improved their opinion about the company.

This company has not been the only airline that has used this type of strategy, Spanair also did something similar before disappearing as a flight company, although in this case, the operation was simpler: Santa left on the plane messages and gifts for all children who were on the flight. This video also reached millions of people.

Now you’ve seen several different options you can use for your viral marketing campaign. Once you’ve decided to apply you just have to follow all the common features that these campaigns have: appeal to emotions and try to reach as many people as possible.

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