What Exactly is Social Media Marketing?


We’ve been talking about social media marketing all this time but although at first glance it seems like a pretty simple subject to follow and anyone could just use the concept and apply it on their own, however, in reality, it’s a little more complicated and so it’s always good to have exact knowledge of the concepts to prevent people simply taking advantage of your lack of knowledge of the subject and thus be able to take money away from you through scams. In this specific entry, we will give you all the tips for you to safely enter this world of marketing

When something becomes popular, a lot of people want to take advantage of it to make money and that can lead you to meet a lot of scammers, people who have no scruples and who can probably end up making you dump your money on things that don’t work, in “miraculous tactics” that will turn all the people who look at your website into clients, in supposed “secret techniques” of non-existent companies or in the best of cases simply tell you obvious things in exchange for exaggeratedly big amounts of money that in reality are not worth what those people assure.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is not a unique thing. On the contrary, it is rather based on a series of different strategies with the same purpose: Selling your product. But unlike conventional marketing is not simply sell your product and nothing more. It’s about knowing how to sell your product properly to the right people. The reason social networks are important is that they allow you to define your market niches in simpler ways. All social networks (or at least the most important ones) have well-differentiated characteristics among the different users that use them and that makes them the perfect choice when looking to give some differentiation to your brand.

What are the objectives of social media marketing?

Social networks are one of the most important parts of any business today.

The objectives of social media marketing are actually going to depend a lot on each company. Each company is a different world so it is impossible to define something like that as a standard objective for all companies when using social network marketing. However, most of them cover in some way the form of viral marketing to create an idea, position a brand, increase visibility and even sell a product. It is also a concept closely related to what it means to manage the reputation of the company, focusing on the actions of Positive Influence and always bearing in mind that it is based on a dialogue between the company and the users of that social network, whether these customers of the company or simple observers of the actions of your brand and company within the networks (remember that being a public profile everyone can observe what you do and how you do it).

How can I do it the right way?

Although at first glance it seems like it’s just about using social networks, there are actually a variety of different tactics. They can range from the simplest, such as SEO optimization of your website, to more complicated, such as knowing how to diversify your niche market to the point where you can approach several at the same time assertively. However, because we believe that in this case we are talking more about a brief form of what social network marketing is, we will mostly show the shortest and easiest ways to immediately apply social network marketing (we can get to deepen it in other blog entries, or you can check on our courses).

  • Brand building

The most important thing is that we must attract and satisfy our consumers in a way that they can predict our movements and we seem coherent, so we can build in our customers a sense of community. One of the best ways to do this is to give them content that enriches them both intellectually and emotionally to build in them the feeling that they belong to something not everyone has access to.

  • Web traffic

It’s about attracting visitors and people to our business website, the easiest way to get our web traffic to increase significantly is to link to our website using platforms such as Instagram, twitter, facebook that are known by virtually everyone and allows more people to access your page.

  • Improve your positioning (SEO)

The more people who visit our website, the more reputation we will have within the search engines, this means that search engines will throw our website as the first result when a person does a search of our website. As we mentioned before one of the ways in which we can get that positioning is to make our visitors grow more, so it is natural that one of the main objectives of social network marketing is just to get more and more people to enter our website.

  • Return on Investment (ROI)

Now the main key within the marketing of social networks is how much money you invest in them unlike other methods of promotion, social networks are generally cheaper, more accessible to the general public so it is quite likely (not to say completely verifiable) that any investment you make in them will end up giving you a high return on investment that will allow you to invest in them again.

So now you know, social network marketing is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of any marketing process and can be the difference between success and failure of an enterprise.

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