What no one is telling you about Instagram and bussines


When Instagram was founded in 2010, no one could have told you that this small social network to share your photos would become your best ally when it comes to improving the performance of your brand or company. Want to know more? Stay with us and we will explain it to you and share some tips with you to make the most of it.

Instagram is a social network whose premise is quite simple: Share your photos with the world. This allows you to express yourself in a way that is freer than Facebook and less restrictive than Twitter.  And for this reason, it has become the preferred social network for the use of the image as the main language, becoming a decisive tool for promoting both small and large businesses.

Importance of Instagram for brands?

The importance of this social network is mainly due to its great union with the audience, allowing content managers to create loyalty strategies, which are useful to generate communities around the brand.

With 300 million active users per month, Instagram is no longer the social network of landscapes and meals. It is a community entirely focused on the power of storytelling. A power that companies cannot stop making their own. Another virtue is that being a mobile application acts around a key concept: immediacy, which makes users can interact instantly and quickly.

Contents that have visual components are more successful than those written. Customers respond better to visual impact, and Instagram is, of course, the perfect platform for this because of its simple and enjoyable way of using images, since the only thing you have to do is publish a video or a photo of the product with the hashtag of the brand and the rest will be done alone.

We are in a new era of digital Marketing and social networks like Instagram are the difference between failure and success of a brand

We are in the age of the visual: an image is worth a thousand words. Videos, animations, and images are the content most in demand by consumers, who want to consume more in less time.

This has been one of the reasons why Instagram is now established as the fastest growing social network, being one of the most valuable acquisitions of the Facebook group.

We have to go where the public is if we want to contact them and offer them our products and services. Social networks have created their own advertising ecosystem, so the community manager has emerged as a professional in great demand and must understand the logic of social networks to take full advantage of their potential.

This new arena of digital marketing is where some of the biggest investments in the market are being made, with equally surprising results. Entrepreneurs seek to take advantage of this marketing as they create their ventures and take the first steps. That’s why it’s important to have an Instagram account for enterprises.

Instagram Stories.

Stories are gaining presence on all social networks. Even Google is experimenting with including stories within its results as featured content. The reason may be the ease of their consumption and their eminently mobile format. On Instagram are displayed at the top of your followers screen, so it’s a great way to get visibility in front of users who when looking at your stories, connect to your feed and your website making it easier for your company to connect with interested customers.


Instagram being a social network based on the interaction between users is quite common that there are some more emerging than others. These users are known as “Influencers” can be of great help for your brand. You can contact them and offer free samples of your product or make them part of viral advertising campaigns. It doesn’t matter if your company is big or small, it is always good to have someone talking about it and more when they are people known within the social network. Instagram is the perfect showcase for your product or service to be known and if it is from the hand of a person with a strong influence on the public better.

Influencers can help you get even more out of the social network.

As has been mentioned countless times in the article Instagram is based on images, so it has a native tool to edit photos with impressive results. Nothing is by chance and that is why you can use knowledge of color theory to attract more users to your brand.

The filters you use for your Instagram photos can say a lot about your brand. In other words, it’s not just a question of aesthetics. It is also a fact of identity. Simply Measured carried out a study on the use of Instagram by the best brands. Among other results, it was concluded that Lo-Fi is the filter most chosen by brands (with 14%) followed by Valencia (used in 12% of cases), Amaro (11%), Hudson (9%), Sierra (9%), XPro (8%) and Hefe (7%).


The best formula is to mix the use of filters with the use of blank images, i.e. without any filter. Many people value this commitment to photography.

Let the people know you care about them.

It’s important to let people know that you care about your audience. Making special and exclusive discounts for the followers of your Instagram for companies multiplies the possibilities of them interacting even more with your brand. An example of this strategy: create a discount coupon to be used only in online stores.

Instagram Analytics.

Last but not least Instagram includes a very important tool for evaluating performance: Analytics.

In each content we will find three frequent metrics in other platforms: a) Impressions: the times your content has appeared to other users; b) Scope: the number of unique users who saw your post; c) Engagement: the number of comments and I like that it has received publication from users.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a big company or a small business. Instagram is a powerful tool that will allow you to reach users and potential customers like no other.

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