What is social network marketing and how to use it to improve your sales: Some brand Examples.


Social media marketing is a fundamental tool using which an approach to the public can be achieved in ways that are generally considered unconventional. However, many people do not know how to use this marketing or even know of its existence. So in this post, we are going to explain exactly what it is and how to use it in your business.

One of the words that has become fashionable lately and that you can hear everywhere is Social Media Marketing. You can find it on a lot of sites: From web pages that assure you miraculous ways to get a lot of customers to information gurus who know tactics no one else and who will get you out of bankruptcy right away. However, many times we can be fooled by advertising that, in the end, is not real and that promises things that cannot be fulfilled. That is why we consider that one of the most important keys of Marketing is precisely to know the following: What is marketing?

Marketing 101: What Exactly Is Marketing?

Marketing (whether on social networks or not) is basically the art of studying the market, both consumers and competitors, to bring to it new products or services that make a difference to competition and that meet the needs of certain consumer sectors or market niches in this case.

Marketing helps to deeply study the consumption patterns of people in a society and how other factors inherent to social life (religion, customs, culture, economic situation, among others) influence the choice they make of a product or service compared to competing products or services.

How to digitize it: Digital marketing.

Now that we have defined what marketing is, it’s time to focus on social networks. In the case of Social Networks, they are one of the cheapest means and with fewer entry barriers for companies looking to connect with their audiences and potential customers. Basically, the functioning of this type of marketing is simple to explain:

  1. You determine your market niche and its characteristics.
  2. Then you choose the most suitable social network to connect with that audience.
  3. You develop a content marketing strategy with which to make people identify with your product and want to buy it.

Social Networks have become the means par excellence to connect with a specific audience since the average adult is spending between 4 and 5 hours a day glued to mobile and other devices.

Social networks are a critical point in the daily life of consumers of your product so you can use them to increase your sales.

Some Examples.

Marketing can be done in a variety of ways: For example, the case of Pepsi which focuses its market niche on certain social problems and makes videos in which it makes this social problem visible and at the same time promotes its product. The case of Burger King and McDonald’s in which both throw shade to each other in order to attract the attention of their competition through humor. The case of Wendy´s, Xbox and Nintendo that in their social networks act as if they were normal users, making jokes with their clients and interacting as if they were teenagers hanging out.  Or the most notorious case: Netflix using memes and creating viral challenges to advertise their series and movies.

It’s all about two things: Being creative and being subtle. An immediate change in your interactions as a brand may end up having the opposite effect on your customers, driving them away from your brand by considering the actions you take to be erratic. And if on the other hand you just follow the trend you will be labeled as uncreative and boring. Your strategy is just that: Create trends without being erratic and thus attract a larger audience.

An example of how a company can use social networks to establish an image: Acting like a teenager playing jokes on a friend.

Does it have benefits?

The short answer: Yes. The long answer: Yes, of course. The main benefit of social media marketing is that it’s cheap, you’re in contact with your customers all the time and you’re showing them that you’re more than just a brand. One of the main problems in modern businesses is that people feel a little aversion to them: All that talk of the corporate conglomerate whose interests are merely economic is rejected. So if you use social networks to interact with your consumers is more likely that they associate you with a figure closer to them, almost like a friend with whom they share interests.

Some other benefits are:

  • To be able to massify the advertisements in an extreme way.
  • Segmentation of your product
  • Development of diversified content
  • The automation of functions in the different platforms

It would add within the benefits the possibility that the potential customer interacts with your brand, becoming a follower of your fan page or a consumer who is dedicated to recommending your product or service within social networks, with family and friends, which will make the scope of advertising is greater. Social networks become a modern version of Word of Mouth Marketing.

The main key to digital marketing: User opinions.


Social Networks are fundamental in today’s Marketing due to their great capacity to absorb people’s attention and because they are free for the consumer or user, and with low advertising costs for brands that seek to connect with potential customers in them. Unlike other media, social media marketing allows you to share different formats, audio, video, gifs, still images, rich media, which helps you communicate the essence of your brand and tell a story that is inspiring for your target group.

So don’t wait any longer. Learn how to position yourself in this important world of social media marketing and increase your brand’s profits. You just need a little ingenuity and the rest will sell for itself.

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